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Moving on

Finally followed everyone to Facebook. If you are so minded look for Lee Cox.

Lazy writing

"Brutally murdered" As opposed to politely murdered?

Avoiding connecting

Both of my literacy students seem to have "crushes" on me. Or something. At the end of last year they both asked, (separately) if we could meet somewhere other than the big main library.

Hui I am now seeing in a quiet study room at a smaller branch. She is being increasingly "helpful" Opening doors - that's good - but insisting on holding my coat, opening and closing car doors - "No, I'll get!" She keeps trying to give me food I don't want. "Why not, we friends me and you!" Pushing.

Donna is now coming to the community center at my apartment complex. She asked me if we could met at my place to which I answered an emphatic but kind "No." I feel like I would never get
rid of her.
She brought a book for us to read aloud - this is good - but the story she chose was of two women who couldn't connect as friends because one was reluctant, couldn't see how the other could enrich her life. But through prayer on both sides, God showed them how to come to love each other. I read it with her with no comment. Maybe I could suggest we read H.P. Lovecraft together. Bad Mean Lee! No cookies ever again!
Yesterday we were discussing her upcoming birthday, "I don't have any plans for my birthday, unless someone takes me to dinner or lunch."

Now that we're meeting in quieter more private spaces - which are ALOT easier for me to get to - I'm noticing more the pushing at the boundary between tutoring and social interaction. They're good people but I have have nothing in common with either woman. I have zero interest in socializing. I like each enough to keep working with her. I'm always pleasant and patient. But honestly? They bore me.

I need to find a way to say "back off" gently. Sigh. Venting feels good. Thanks for reading.


My mother's sister, Aunt Dorothy, has moved from the East Coast to Manteca, which is about a 30 minute drive to Modesto. So we might actually talk more than once a year. As with my very nearby kid brother, there's no problem, we just aren't close. Just how my family is. Interested in seeing if we all do start communicating more now.

I had a lovely day with trektone not long ago. Used bookstore browsing, good movie (Into the Woods), doughnuts, more good food, and best of all, lots and lots of talking.

And Rainy, the artist behind "Honey & Ollie" has moved to within 4-5 blocks from me. We hope to go used bookstore browsing and get coffee, and, I hope talk for hours.
Interesting things have been happening here. But not exciting fun things.
My right knee has been gradually bowing in toward my left knee. Which is hyperextended it so flexes too far back. PTs keep freaking about the left knee. Which very rarely gets twitchy. It's the crooked knee that sometimes hurts badly. Then is fine for weeks.
Doctor ordered a CT on the right knee. Seems that I have "extensive degenerative osteoarthritic changes in the knee joint." My knee is f*cked up. Since the pain is only occasional and Tylenol works, we decided I would continue Naproxen and see how it develops.
Then my podiatrist and I decided that my right big toenail was so badly deformed it had to go. That's what I did today. The process took less than 30 minutes and I was so numb I didn't feel the nail come off. Squick!!! I have a huge dressing on the toe. It doesn't hurt.
So toe and knee same leg. The leg that works. The one that's supposed to be the real problem is okay.
Next week is the Conant Place Thanksgiving Dinner. This is where I came in 2 years ago. November 30th is my 2 year anniversary here. I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.
Rupert says Hi.

Hot, dry and serene

Not much going on here in the California Central Valley. Okay, drought, so not being wasteful. And 2-3 months of temperatures in the 90s. I do love my giant shady redwoods and other trees.
I have 2 literacy students now. I'm still editing our community newsletter, still running the raffle at events. I have enough free time to take a fresh look at habits and lazy thinking.
I've been carrying around my Mom's sterling silver flatware for 15+ years. She may have used it twice. I recently got out 2 place settings and started using them. I put the pieces in the drawer with the almost antique stainless steel stuff, washing everything together. The sterling will likely get trashed, but that's better than just being stashed away out of sight, yes? I think of Mom when I use them. She told me about buying each piece one at a time with money from her paycheck from her first job so she'd have it for when she got married. Along with the crystal glassware and the embroidered pillow cases.
Rupert is loving sprawling on the front porch and walkway, especially at night when it cools off. He's decided my next door neighbor's doormat is a good napping spot.
Really not much happening, I haven't forgotten you guys, miss you. Update: landline 209-526-5446, cell 209-559-3304. I'll try to remember to post even if there's nothing to post about, just to say "hey!"

18 YEARS!!!

The Bower was created on July 24, 1996.

New Bed!

Just happened to wander into a store, found a great full-size mattress set within my budget. Squeaky old daybed is gone. Have space to sprawl. More room and the silly cat still wants to sleep next to me on the side I get out on. Try moving a 13 pound bean bag when you have to get up and go NOW.

Gradually collecting second hand furniture as people move out. We have a giveaway table where you can put things you don't need anymore. Nice for decluttering.

I have 2 literacy students now. Both are close to my age. One has some sort of learning disability, the other has heavy Korean accent.

Quiet here in the New Bower. Found out that the big old trees outside my windows are redwoods.

That's all the news here in the valley.